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SchoolHub keeps all school orders online

Manage your kids’ tuckshop, uniform and school shop orders in one easy-to-use app.

...say goodbye to losing tuckshop money, fogetting civvies day and last-minute headaches

Say hello to SchoolHub!

SchoolHub lets parents manage their children’s school shop choices.

Need to keep tabs on healthy meal options from the school shop? Order meals in advance for your child to pick up during break!

Growing out of that old blazer? Order a new one and pay on the app!

SchoolHub also uses pocket money limits, purchase reports and messages to parents to help their kids on this money learning journey.

Keep all your payments on one platform, creating a cashless school shop future that can be used across multiple schools.

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Download the App and signup
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Select your area
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Select your school shop
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Update the My Profile section with your details
Step 6

Create profiles for your children
Step 7

Manage your childrens' profiles
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Set spending limits and add credit
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Choose your pickup / delivery time
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Add items to your order
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Enjoy keeping all your school shop payments in one place

Life is busy enough without having to manage your kids' daily school shop needs – let alone multiple children at different schools! Simplify your school shop payments with SchoolHub.

Spending Limits

Set tuck shop limits for your kids
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Purchase Records

Track spending with reports
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Set Safe Boundaries

Let your children learn about money safely
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Multiple Schools

Manage accounts across multiple schools
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All payments are online and secure
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